Oct. 10, 2022

The New Wild West of NFTs, Podcasts & Blockchain w/ Tanner Campbell

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Are Van Gogh's paintings really worth all that money? If they are, then why does it feel strange that some NFTs based on digital art is valued so astronomically high? In today’s show, Seth Silvers chats with Tanner Campbell, an author of multiple books and the host of multiple podcasts who awesomely self-identifies as a podcast industry pundit and consultant.  


Seth and Tanner explore: 

  • The frustrations of investing time and energy in creating a podcast when only a few people listen to it. 
  • How podcasting is just as much about marketing, sales, and monetizing as it is about creating awesome content for listeners.  
  • Podcasters launching NFTs. 
  • The advantages and disadvantages of blockchain technology
  • Buying NFTs viawww.Uncut.FM 


Thanks so much to Tanner Cambell for being on the show! 


Be sure to check out Tanner’s NFTs:https://tannerhelps.uncut.fm/ 


And here are links to three of Tanner’s podcasts: 

Good Morning, Podcasters:https://GoodMorningPodcasters.com 

Practical Stoicism:https://StoicismPod.com

Dictionary of Mythology and Folklore:https://MythDictionary.com 


Thanks towww.Uncut.FMfor sponsoring this podcast! 


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